Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

Nathalie Khouri is an interior designer based in Dubai who followed the online Feng Shui Practitioner course in order to enrich her skills and broaden her service offering. Super talented and always with her clients’ best interest at heart, Nathalie graduated in less than a year and is now an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant with The International Feng Shui Guild! Huge congratulations to Nathalie for this outstanding achievement!

Here is Nathalie’s feedback on the Feng Shui Practitioner course:

I always believed that your home is your sanctuary. A home is not only beautiful by how it looks but also how it feels.

Feng Shui helped me achieve this balance by learning this powerful traditional Chinese practice. As an interior designer, incorporating Feng Shui principles in my work really helped me build a positive impact on the overall feel and energy of my projects.

This private course was perfect with my busy work schedule. The foundation course was a good start to this program and really opened my eyes into the importance of moving on to the practitioner course. Genevieve was really organized, patient and made the most complicated subject easy to digest.

I couldn’t be happier with this program.

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