10 Jun 2020

Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

It was such a delight for me to teach the Feng Shui Foundation course to Pascale, and I will definitely miss our online Zoom classes! In her professional practice, Pascale offers a holistic approach to maternity (https://www.pascalelamacchia.com). Here is her testimony on the Feng Shui Foundation training:

“I attended the Feng Shui course to better understand the impact of the energy on living and working places. As an intuitive person and a Meridian Therapy practitioner, I can feel the imbalances in my patients’ bodies to re-balance them. Thanks to my training in Feng Shui, I am now also able to help my patients correct the imbalances in their homes, so they can benefit from a nurturing environment that fits their own goals.

Geneviève Carle is very professional, and her teaching approach based on theory quickly put into practice through numerous case studies, enabled me to carry on a Feng Shui evaluation on my own really rapidly. Geneviève is also very nice and friendly, which makes her course overall really enjoyable.”

15 Apr 2020

Feng Shui Online Workshop

Want to know more about Feng Shui and have a try as a Feng Shui Master yourself by practising on your own case?

Using the floor plan of your chosen location (apartment, office), we will build together the energy map (flying star chart) before studying the full Feng Shui of the room of your choice from three angles: elements cycle, position of furniture and decoration.

At the end of the workshop, you will have all the tools at hand to transform the chosen room according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Duration: 4 hours (2 Zoom sessions of 2 hours each, over 2 days)

Upcoming Workshop: May 18th & 19th  from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (UK Time)

Places are limited to 4 participants.

For more info and registration, get in touch with me!


06 Nov 2019

Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

Congratulations to Marie-Noëlle Swiderski who successfully graduated in Feng Shui after completing The Feng Shui Lab’s accredited course! An interior architecture and design professional, Marie-Noëlle is the Director of Galuchat Design (www.galuchatdesign.com) and she can now use Feng Shui effectively in her interior design practice.

19 Apr 2018

Workshop – Feng Shui in the workplace

In this 2 hours introduction to the basics of Feng Shui, Alumni from ESSEC in the UK found out how this ancient wisdom is so much integrated into the architecture, society and economy of a modern China.
We also learned how we could use Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in our rational-minded western civilisation in terms of well-being in the workplace – to improve concentration, productivity and reduce stress  – and career choice, especially in relation to BaZi.

08 Feb 2018

Workshop – Feng Shui & Chinese New Year

I had a blast today when holding this lecture on Feng Shui at the lovely “Tea and Tattle” tea room in London, sharing my knowledge with all these fabulous women from all different countries and backgrounds. It was all about inspiration, fun…and delicious scones!

A few words about The Be-Curious Club, hosting this great event:

The Be-Curious Club was created as a space to find inspiration and meet new people.

Be-Curious is an exclusive club meeting every Thursday morning – you will discover new ideas, learn new skills, all in the company of wonderful women.

We invite experts from every field – fashion and beauty, health and nutrition, politics, arts – and visit some of the best insider spots in London, totally off the tourist-track. So far, we have visited Hindu Temples, art exhibitions and cutting edge Escape Rooms, and learned about everything from cooking to British culture and Street Art.

If you are open minded, curious, keen to speak English and would like to meet inspirational new people, we would love to welcome you!

Please contact Olivia to register : olivia@thebe-curiousclub.co.uk

26 Jan 2016
A big thanks to Geneviève who made this all possible! — Isabelle Calovi Binot – Hong Kong

“My experience with Geneviève? A revelation!
Like many, I’d heard about Western Feng Shui, simple, interesting but not really convincing.
In Hong Kong, where I met Geneviève, everyone talks about Feng Shui and not a single building is built without using the principles of Feng Shui… the traditional method of course.
I met Geneviève, who was trained by a Feng Shui Master from Honk Kong, at one of her lectures. Thanks to Geneviève, I’ve been able to learn about a very rich and age-old discipline.
Geneviève is passionate about what she does. Her tastes in decorating have made her a Feng Shui Master
who applies the discipline of the East to her practices with the West.

During my classical Feng Shui training with her, Geneviève’s passion and enthusiasm was an inspiration to me, it was a real pleasure to work with her. Her clear and concise approach helped me to take my first steps in learning about this complex subject. In addition, Geneviève focused on the practice of Feng Shui, which is essential in order to understand the full extent and scope of this discipline.
Today, thanks to Geneviève and her training, I’ll be shortly opening my own Feng Shui consultancy company with a website to follow. Stay tuned 😉 !
A big thanks to Geneviève who made this all possible!”