Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

Sarah Lunn is an architect and interior designer who followed the online Feng Shui Practitioner course from different places (Portugal, England, Barbados…) as she is also a great traveler! Extremely empathetic and super talented, Sarah graduated in just a year and is now an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant with The International Feng Shui Guild! Huge congratulations to Sarah for this outstanding achievement!

Here is Sarah’s feedback on the Feng Shui Practitioner course:

As a trained architect and interior designer I found myself asking more questions about the energy in the spaces I was designing. After researching about Feng Shui and the principles, I was certain that this was the path forward for me and my work and soon realised that the energy should be the first thing considered while designing a space.

Genevieve was the obvious choice for me to pursue my education as the course was accredited and the teaching was one to one, being online really helped as I was living abroad at the time. I started on the foundation course and afterwards did the advanced practitioner course.

The foundation course was a great way of learning the basics of Feng Shui, Genevieve was a great teacher, very patient and extremely knowledgeable. Upon finishing the foundation course, I had no doubt that I wanted to learn more.

The advanced practitioner course was great as it included many onsite visits, client consultations and real case studies, it prepared me for starting my own business and I am pleased to say that I now have a few clients and plan to soon launch my website.

I really recommend Genevieve, I am so grateful and enrolling on both of the Feng Shui courses changed my life’s path. Much gratitude 🙏

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