Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

Dominique Marchais completed the Feng Shui Practitioner course and graduated in just 6 months (a record)! Most of the course took place online, but we had the great opportunity to do several on-site case studies together in Versailles; what a pleasure to meet Dominique “in real life”! An exceptionally gifted, empathetic and dynamic student, Dominique is now an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant with both The Feng Shui Society and The International Feng Shui Guild. Huge congratulations to Dominique for this outstanding achievement!

Here is Dominique’s feedback on the Feng Shui Practitioner course:

Following my move to Spain, in the province of Alicante, I decided to complete my knowledge in traditional Feng Shui (Form School and Chinese metaphysics) which I learnt over 20 years ago but that I had never used on a professional basis.

I quickly chose Geneviève because she only works on a one-to-one basis and her courses are accredited by two internationally recognized Feng Shui organizations. For me, one-to-one lessons are a real plus because they really enable personalized learning.

Geneviève is an excellent teacher, the courses are very pleasant and the 90-minute lessons go by very quickly. Thanks to Geneviève, I am now strongly equipped to offer my Feng Shui expertise to local real estate agencies and to the many foreigners who have chosen to live in this wonderful region of Spain.

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