Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

Karine Desachy is a consultant in luxury real estate and she followed the Feng Shui Practitioner course for one year, entirely in person as we both live in Versailles. An enthusiastic and passionate student, Karine graduated in February 2023 and is now an Accredited Feng Shui Consultant with The Feng Shui Society and The International Feng Shui Guild. Huge congratulations to Karine for this outstanding achievement!

Here is Karine’s feedback on the Feng Shui Practitioner course:

For several years, I have been passionate about Chinese metaphysics, and more specifically about traditional Feng Shui, so, when in 2021, I found out Geneviève Carle’s website, I immediately decided to meet her and I started her Feng Shui training shortly after.

Over the past year, I followed the Practitioner course, and thanks to Geneviève’s teaching, I am now able to analyze the energies of a living space and I know how to read a person’s BaZi chart. I gained so many valuable skills over the year! Thank you Geneviève for your commitment and your kindness.

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