Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

Jasmine Fox followed my online Feng Shui Society Approved Foundation Course with the purpose of applying Feng Shui to her own personal cases. I enjoyed so much teaching Jasmine, and I really miss my Wednesday mornings in Wales!

Here is Jasmine’s feedback on the Feng Shui Foundation training:

I have always had an interest in the concept of Feng Shui and the impact of our physical environment in terms of energies. I decided to undertake the Foundation Course to understand the principles and gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to carry out Feng Shui evaluations and recommendations.

The course is very well structured, it begins with an exploration of the origins and theory and then applies this through practical exercises. The examples are really varied and there’s lots of opportunity to bring your own to analyse.

Genevieve is an excellent teacher, she is patient and encouraging. I have really enjoyed learning with her and would highly recommend this course.

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