Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

It was such a delight for me to teach the Feng Shui Foundation course to Pascale, and I will definitely miss our online Zoom classes! In her professional practice, Pascale offers a holistic approach to maternity (https://www.pascalelamacchia.com). Here is her testimony on the Feng Shui Foundation training:

“I attended the Feng Shui course to better understand the impact of the energy on living and working places. As an intuitive person and a Meridian Therapy practitioner, I can feel the imbalances in my patients’ bodies to re-balance them. Thanks to my training in Feng Shui, I am now also able to help my patients correct the imbalances in their homes, so they can benefit from a nurturing environment that fits their own goals.

Geneviève Carle is very professional, and her teaching approach based on theory quickly put into practice through numerous case studies, enabled me to carry on a Feng Shui evaluation on my own really rapidly. Geneviève is also very nice and friendly, which makes her course overall really enjoyable.”

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