Workshop – Feng Shui & Chinese New Year

I had a blast today when holding this lecture on Feng Shui at the lovely “Tea and Tattle” tea room in London, sharing my knowledge with all these fabulous women from all different countries and backgrounds. It was all about inspiration, fun…and delicious scones!

A few words about The Be-Curious Club, hosting this great event:

The Be-Curious Club was created as a space to find inspiration and meet new people.

Be-Curious is an exclusive club meeting every Thursday morning – you will discover new ideas, learn new skills, all in the company of wonderful women.

We invite experts from every field – fashion and beauty, health and nutrition, politics, arts – and visit some of the best insider spots in London, totally off the tourist-track. So far, we have visited Hindu Temples, art exhibitions and cutting edge Escape Rooms, and learned about everything from cooking to British culture and Street Art.

If you are open minded, curious, keen to speak English and would like to meet inspirational new people, we would love to welcome you!

Please contact Olivia to register : olivia@thebe-curiousclub.co.uk

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