Feng Shui Course – Testimony

A big thanks to Geneviève who made this all possible! — Isabelle Calovi Binot – Hong Kong

“My experience with Geneviève? A revelation!
Like many, I’d heard about Western Feng Shui, simple, interesting but not really convincing.
In Hong Kong, where I met Geneviève, everyone talks about Feng Shui and not a single building is built without using the principles of Feng Shui… the traditional method of course.
I met Geneviève, who was trained by a Feng Shui Master from Honk Kong, at one of her lectures. Thanks to Geneviève, I’ve been able to learn about a very rich and age-old discipline.
Geneviève is passionate about what she does. Her tastes in decorating have made her a Feng Shui Master
who applies the discipline of the East to her practices with the West.

During my classical Feng Shui training with her, Geneviève’s passion and enthusiasm was an inspiration to me, it was a real pleasure to work with her. Her clear and concise approach helped me to take my first steps in learning about this complex subject. In addition, Geneviève focused on the practice of Feng Shui, which is essential in order to understand the full extent and scope of this discipline.
Today, thanks to Geneviève and her training, I’ll be shortly opening my own Feng Shui consultancy company with a website to follow. Stay tuned 😉 !
A big thanks to Geneviève who made this all possible!”

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