Feng Shui Course – Our Graduates

Back to the roots with Thomas, who currently lives in Hong Kong, where I started my own Feng Shui journey a few years ago! As an interior designer (www.thomasjenny.com), Thomas followed the online Feng Shui Foundation course to enrich his skills and broaden his service offering.

Thomas is passionate, full of energy, and a really gifted student, who is carrying on his training with the Feng Shui Practitioner course. I am so looking forward to our lessons ahead and I am really happy that The Feng Shui Society will soon welcome a new Accredited Consultant! Watch this space!

Here is Thomas’ feedback on the Feng Shui Foundation training:

I attended the Feng Shui Foundation course with Genevieve to learn a valuable skill in my profession. As an interior designer, I always pay a special attention to designing spaces that are as harmonious as possible for the people living in.

Thanks to my training in Feng Shui, I can now analyze the energies in both professional and living spaces, and I am able to provide relevant advice to improve people’s well-being and prosperity.

I really enjoyed my lessons with Genevieve, she is patient and always available. Genevieve clearly explains the principles of Feng Shui and what I found really great, is that we do a lot of case studies.

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