BaZi Coaching – Testimony

It's a 100 % positive experience that gives you confidence to move forward, well-informed and clear-headed. — Yanis Bensalem (London)

“Why did I go for a BaZi consultation ? I contacted Geneviève at first out of curiosity, but I also needed to review my career plans, and the BaZi consultation with Geneviève was indeed the perfect way to answer my expectations.

Before the consultation itself and as a basis for the discussion, Geneviève makes a preliminary analysis, quite efficient and straight forward : what is your personality, what are your strengths and your aspirations. Then, you meet Geneviève for the consultation and here comes the “magic”.

You feel as if the person you’re talking with could read you as an open book (it’s quite unsettling at times ;-)). Geneviève knows exactly how to bring out the key aspects of your personality and your major strengths, and provides answers to your questions : “Am I cut out for my current job ? ” ; “What’s my way forward ?” ; “I feel I have to launch my own business, what skills can I rely on to achieve this goal ? “

Geneviève won’t tell you anything about yourself that you already know (sometimes, it’s deep inside you). Her art is to provide you with a structured analysis of your strengths and abilities so that you get clear and workable guidelines for both your personal life and your career.

It’s a 100 % positive experience that boosts your energy and gives you confidence to move forward, well-informed and clear-headed.

Thank you Geneviève.”

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